HPT Details

About the Hampton Public-service Team

Our Capabilities in support of the city of Hampton

  • Voice communications on VHF and UHF
  • Winlink messaging via MESH, Telnet, Packet, VARA FM and P2P, on VHF and UHF
  • Automatic Packet Reporting System – APRS
  • Home, Mobile and Portable Capabilities of our HPT members
  • Voice communications on VHF, UHF and HF
  • Winlink messaging via MESH, ARDOP, Telnet, Packet, VARA FM, VARA HF and P2P on VHF, UHF and HF
  • Other Digital Platforms – APRS, D-STAR, D-RATS, DMR and more.


Like most organizations, we too have a structure, but it is s a simple one.

Elected Officers 2024:

President: KC4F, Chris

Vice President: WD0FYV, Ed

Secretary: KM4YSI, Billy

Assets Officer: KM4YSI, Billy

Treasurer: AE4TH, Tom

Compliance Officer: KE4JDY, Rob

Appointed Positions 2024:

Shelter Kits: KN4AVP, Chuck

Vehicles: KM4YSG, Brad

Winlink: N1VTT, Randy and WD0FYV, Ed

Development Officer: KC4FLB, Robbie

Public Service Events: K4DRR, Dennis

MESH: N1VTT, Randy


Repeaters: N6GVG, Ralph

Training/Exercises/SKYWARN: KJ4MZ, Don

DMR Repeater: WZ4K, Howard

Webmaster: KC4FLB, Robbie

Board of Directors Members:

KC4F, Chris

N1VTT, Randy

KM4YSI, Billy

KM4YSG, Brad


KN4AVP, Chuck

AE4TH, Tom


KC4FLB, Robbie

The rest of the HPT team helps our leadership and the City of Hampton succeed in our mission.

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