Details for W4HPT Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) configuration.

The repeater is presently operating only in DMR Digital Voice or Analog FM modes. DMR operations can be local through the repeater or via the DMR network to any Talk Group available on the BrandMeister Network.

 Frequency Details
    RX                448.5000 MHz
    TX                443.5000 MHz
    Shift             -5.000 MHz
    Color Code        1
    Tone:             100 (Analog)

 Slot details
    Timeslot 1        31515 STATIC
    Timeslot 2         3151 STATIC

Any other BrandMeister Talk Groups accessed on either Time Slot 1 or 2 are DYNAMIC with an inactivity timeout of 15 minutes after which the slot will revert back to its Static programming. Time Slots are only applicable to local RF access and must be considered when designing your Code Plug for W4HPT Repeater operations.

If you program it for analog, you will need a 100.0 tone included.
That is not required for DMR.