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Hampton Public-service Team (HPT)

The Hampton Public-service Team has a monthly breakfast meeting that is held at the Elks Lodge, 2204 Mingee Drive, in Hampton, at 0900 on the last Saturday of the month. Directions: Take Aberdeen Road to 60th St, turn left on Industry Drive, which curves into Mingee Drive and the lodge is on the left.

Do not worry about details and rules of order. Come join us, eat, and talk with the team members. Speak up if you have a comment. All ideas are worth hearing – we want yours too.

Breakfast is served by the Elks Lodge members for $12.

Check the calendar to make sure there are no Special Events that have changed the “Normal” meeting date, for example, Field Day, Christmas, etc.

Please consider a donation to assist HPT in supporting our community, as your generosity will enable us to make a meaningful impact and provide vital services to those in need.

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Organizer: Don (KJ4MZ)

Upcoming Amateur Radio Class